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Types of Visa's Searched By Students

Types of Visa’s Searched By Students

Students looking to study abroad typically search for specific types of visas tailored to their academic goals and the country they plan to study in. Here are the main types of student visas for some popular study destinations:

United States

  1. F-1 Visa (Academic Student)
    • For students enrolled in an academic program or English language program.
    • Allows part-time on-campus employment and optional practical training (OPT) after graduation.
  2. M-1 Visa (Vocational Student)
    • For students enrolled in non-academic or vocational studies.
    • Limited employment opportunities compared to the F-1 visa.
  3. J-1 Visa (Exchange Visitor)
    • For exchange students in specific programs approved by the State Department.
    • Includes various categories like college/university students, secondary school students, and research scholars.

United Kingdom

  1. Tier 4 (General) Student Visa
    • For students aged 16 or over who have been offered a place on a course.
    • Allows work for a limited number of hours during term time and full-time during vacations.
  2. Short-term Study Visa
    • For students taking short courses or English language courses lasting up to 11 months.
    • Does not permit work or extend beyond the course duration.


  1. Study Permit
    • For students accepted by a designated learning institution (DLI).
    • Allows part-time work during studies and full-time work during scheduled breaks.
  2. Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
    • Required in addition to the study permit for students from certain countries.


  1. Subclass 500 (Student Visa)
    • For full-time students enrolled in a registered course of study.
    • Permits limited work hours during study periods and unlimited hours during holidays.
  2. Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)
    • For guardians of international students under 18 years old.


  1. Student Visa
    • For students who have been accepted into a German university.
    • Permits part-time work and internship opportunities.
  2. Language Course Visa
    • For students enrolled in short-term German language courses.
    • Generally does not permit work.


  1. Student Visa (VLS-TS)
    • For students enrolled in a course longer than three months.
    • Allows limited work hours and requires registration with the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII).


  1. Student Visa
    • For students enrolled in a recognized Japanese educational institution.
    • Allows part-time work up to 28 hours per week.

Other Common Visas

  1. New Zealand – Student Visa
    • For full-time students at a recognized institution.
    • Allows part-time work during term and full-time during breaks.
  2. Ireland – Stamp 2 Visa
    • For full-time students in an approved program.
    • Allows part-time work during term and full-time during holidays.

Each country has specific requirements and application processes for their student visas, which typically include proof of acceptance into an educational institution, financial means, and sometimes health insurance. Students should always check the most current information from the respective country’s official immigration website.


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